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A Quality of Disagreement

This latest election season has left me rather depressed. Where I live is an incredibly safe seat so who I vote for seems farcically irrelevant, though of course I will vote and have been trying to research and think through who it is sensible to vote for. 
The really depressing part of the process, however, has been observing the way we now seem to conduct political debate, disagreement and campaigning, especially on social media. Perfectly lovely friends from across the political divide frequently seem unable to even tolerate a supporter of the other. I have seen wonderful human beings describe others as 'Lizards' for voicing a different political approach. Friends have cleared their entire 'friends' list of those who support a party they feel is destroying the Britain they care about. Emotions run high, and most act out of a desire to change the world for good. Yet we seem incapable of disagreeing with any respect for the other. And that's not even straying into …

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