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I don't usually pass on prayers, copy and paste, or post random combos of things to raise awareness. I think I can do more to help the world than forward and repeat statements on social media. But when I saw the Me Too or #metoo posts emerging late last night, I barely hesitated to share. I experience the usual awkward public transport harassment, inappropriate wandering hands (yes, even to the Rabbi), body shaming, etc... but I didn't think of any of those when I posted. Many can't speak up, and it didn't feel difficult for me to do so, so I wanted to add my voice, my truth, my support. There are reasons to do it and reasons not to, but late last night I posted and went to bed.
I didn't feel the need to be explicit about what I was thinking of, but I felt a sense of a rising tide of voices that wanted people to see this is not just about Hollywood and beautiful actresses and powerful men, but about everyones sister, wife, mother, friend, daughter, and yes, Rabbi.

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