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New Year, New Challenge

I hope 2018 had begun for all of you with health and happiness, and not much need for new years resolutions!
As long time readers will know I am a little worried (obsessed) with how our human habits are having major impacts on the world around us, and though I know it will take effort from us all to make long term changes, I want to be a part of making those changes for myself.
So this year,  Rev. Anna Alls and I decided we would try to ditch plastic... we have been joined by a rapidly growing cohort of others (who can be found on Facebook here if you would like to join us) and we are currently finding our feet and all the challenges we will need to figure out!
Most of us have already made some changes; remembering our reusable shopping bags, carrying refillable coffee cups etc. But we've already discovered how small changes we hadn't yet made can make a big impact. Several of us have started sending unused straws back, and while a few straws won't make an impact, messagin…

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