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Good News Day

Today was a good day. We have a small cafe at work that serves the various organisations on site and our many visitors. Whenever I buy lunch but want to eat it at my desk, I have been getting it on a plate, taking it up 3 flights of stairs, and returning the plates later on. This is largely because the take away boxes are polystyrene-style, and while they may be made of recycled plastics, they will be around longer than I am, for the sake of a 20 minute lunch. It carries a Masorti and a Reform hechsher (Kosher certification) and recently a colleague and I had been discussing whether to ask to remove the Reform hechsher if use of the polysterene tubs continued (my lovely colleagues have also started using reusable mugs and glasses for meetings instead of disposables - role modelling can work!).

Today as I was returning my plates to the cafe, without any prompting or know our recent conversations, the cafe owner showed me their newest arrival - vegware! They will now have takeaway vegwa…

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