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Upcycling and choosing well

So we are a month into 2018, and a month into trying for a plastic free 2018. Rev. Anna Alls and I began planning this madness about 6 months ago, and could never have predicted how much of a hot issue it would be - every few days a major newspaper seems to be carrying another article about the dangers of disposable plastic of some kind, or tips on how to reduce your plastic use, or news of another major outlet making fantastic commitments to eradicate straws or plastic Packaging asap, and a London announcement about the installation of water fountains to refill bottles from. Just today Asda and Tesco have announced they are scrapping single use bags, after the government has already announced this month that small outlets that had been exempt will now have to charge for each bag. And I can’t tell you how many petitions I have seen (and signed!) since Jan 1st. I think Blue Earth 2 has had a huge impact, and after years of awareness raising from many small charities and interest groups…

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