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I keep hearing that I should be making more of the technologies that are out there and sharing what I write and teach on the world wide web. So here I am. It can be intimidating to immortalise our words online, and with so many sites out there one wonders what can possibly be added.
I hope to use this blog to reflect on the many diverse and sometimes bizarre things I find myself getting up to as a Rabbi, as well as sharing some of my sermons and writings. I have no idea if anyone will be interested, but it'll be nice to be recording things before they slip away!

If you'd like to see a little about some of the things I am currently involved in and working on have a look at:
West London Synagogue:
All Faiths and None:
WLS video:
Leo Baeck College Video:
and just because it's nice to give my big brother a shout out


  1. Watched the WLS video - sad that I could not find a credit for the cantorial soloist. Who is she?
    and welcome to the blogosphere!

  2. Hiya! Thanks!
    Ela Zingerevitch - our new Director of Music. She is leading services without the choir over the next two shabbatot with Rabbi Danny so if you'd like to catch more of her... She is fabulous.


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