Muslim Anti-Semitism - where is the moderate voice? Here...

18 months ago I attended a seminar on Anti-Semitism and Islamaphobia. Important discussions were had, but I felt strongly that certain voices were missing. There was no discussion during the conference that there is a problem within Judaism of Islamaphobia, and a problem of Anti Semitism within the Muslim community. I am often asked by Jews who challenge my engagement with interfaith dialogue (particularly with the Muslim community) - where is the moderate Muslim voice? Why do they not condemn x, y or z. Well, I hear moderate Muslim voices frequently, and know where to find them. I also know that they are often not heard because it doesn't make for good sound bites to hear anyone speaking moderately and compassionately.

Through a friend from our St Ethelburga's trip last November I was directed to this article (link below) which I think is a really good example of that moderate voice. It is always important that there are non-Jews to speak out against Anti-Semitism, particularly in their own communities. Likewise we as Jews must speak out against Islamaphobia, particularly in our own community. And together we must all challenge ignorance and prejudice, so that we can face the real dangers of the minority of extremists wherever they are rooted (and all communities have their extremists!) together.–-a-personal-view


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