Blogging Ellul

Today is Rosh Chodesh Ellul and I'm thinking about taking on another challenge (on top of actually going through Ellul and preparing for the High Holidays and making real teshuvah - return). The challenge has been set by Rabbis on twitter, encouraging us to #blogelul - by following the hashtag (for those of you who know tweetspeak) you will find Rabbis blogging their way through Ellul, posting a little something every day of the month before Rosh Hashanah to provide you with food for thought and hopefully a little encouragement on your own journey of preparation for the Yamim Noraim - the days of awe.
I'm not going to make a promise, but as far as possible, I will try and contribute a little something every day of the week (except Shabbat). BUT, there's lots else going on too: you can check in at the WLS website for a daily thought here
or check out Jewels of Elul for a huge variety of contributors. Of course the Movement for Reform Judaism Machzor (high holiday prayerbook) has a reading for each day of Ellul that you can use for thinking time without logging on.
For my part, I will try to contribute a little something every day (or as often as I can) refecting my own walk through Ellul to Rosh Hashanah, and perhaps enjoying a little company on my stroll from all of you and your thoughts. There may even be some guest contributors... watch this space!


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