Ritual resources

As regular readers will know, I'm a big fan of helping people understand, reclaim and re-imagine ritual for themselves so that they are meaningful and fit for purpose for the individuals that use them.
We all use ritual in our lives, whether we are religious or not, but it is our responsibility to make them meaningful, or to perform them without thought.
I have referred readers to Ritual Well before, and even in the UK we have cottoned onto the fact that we need prayers for new occasions or for things that the rabbis of old didn't think of or just didn't need to contend with, and acknowledged this in 'Really Useful Prayers'. Yesterday I had a call from someone who is just quitting smoking and I wondered if we had included a prayer in the book for this (I hope) increasingly common struggle. We hadn't (though there is one for a drug addict) and so I begun a small hunt. I found a prayer here, but was even more delighted to discover a ritual resource I hadn't known about previously, and so wanted to share it! CLAL have produced many of the books on my shelves so I wasn't surprised it was from them, but their Ritual Life Archive is another great resource for prayers and rituals for things we might need a little extra support to get through, or just want to acknowledge as important. And you don't need to buy yet another book to access it!


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