Light and Dark

On Pause for Thought this Monday I spoke a little about what living in Sweden taught me about appreciating darkness- and the inevitable light that comes afterwards.
The darkness has a peaceful grace to it in the biting cold, perhaps lifted by glow of the snow and of course human attempts to add lights and lift the spirit through the darkness. The darkness itself holds a beauty and grace.
This Chanukah we have watched Eliana entranced by lights and music, enjoying the simplicity and power of the flame, just as we have all been captivated by camp fires and log fires. But of course we can only appreciate light and flame because of darkness. One without the other can become meaningless.
So this Chanukah, while we celebrate the beauty and miracle of light, we can also take time to appreciate the darkness that winter affords us, for it's own sake, as well as for the fact that it helps us appreciate the light of spring! Chanukah sameach!


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