Walking to Learn: Tzimtzum

As we walk through the omer, I will be walking through some ideas that have inspired or guided me as a teacher/ educator/ empowerer and I welcome your thoughts/ additions!
This second thought is one very close to my heart, and I have mentioned it in other contexts on my blog before.
Tzimtzum is a concept from Lurianic Kabbalah, which suggests that in order for God to create the world space had to be made, and so God contracted into Godself. This act of self-effacement meant there was room for us to be independent free thinking humans with potential and dignity. As an abstract idea it sets before us a wonderful analogy for all sorts of relationships, including, importantly, when we teach: We have to make room for the other, and allow them space to become fully themselves. This is especially true of teenagers, whose brains are hard at work developing the skills of independent and creative thought.
How can you find ways to create space for those around you and not only see everything through your own lense? What can you do when teaching to allow students to find their own paths and independence, while also learning and developing?


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