Chanukah is here again!

The darkest nights, illuminated by little twinkling candles and oil lamps, and of course the smell of deep frying pervading all!
But for the climax of my month long rant leading up to Chanukah, repeatedly annoying you with posts about sustainability, here are two articles which expand on (or repeat!) some of the blogging for different audiences; The Jewish News this week features my article on page 20 (the Progressive Judaism page) asking us to re-examine the meaning of Chanukah for today:
And for this week's Leo Baeck College D'var Torah, I further realised that the Parashah for this week - Mikketz - also ties in perfectly with the idea of using our resources carefully (as Joseph manages to see Egypt through famine with some careful planning):
I promise to change the subject now!
Chanukah Sameach!


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