Living below the line - day 3

I'm pretty tired. But I don't know for sure it's the lentil-toast-spaghetti diet that is doing that or the 22 month old who won't sleep properly. Cooking breakfast and dinner for her are also a touch challenging- resisting the urge to pop a morsel of crumpet/ banana/ egg in my mouth is perhaps a reminder of how much nibblin one can do without even realising, if you have the means.
People seem to want to know about what I'm eating, but that has certainly not been the most important thing about this. Today I've been really struck by the conversations it has enabled. A dear friend in a far off distant land messaged me to say they had donated directly to tzedek (touchingly another friend abroad donated to a charity local to her in honour of our efforts) but that more importantly she and her partner had sat down and spoken seriously about their own relationships to food, about good poverty, and about living with so little. 
And whilst these messages were arriving from afar, I was in a meeting (resisting the biscuits and yoghurt coated raisins and grapes and...) and they thoughtfully added living below the line to the agenda so that the group could hear about it, have a conversation about it, and think about how communities could act to help.
The money raised is touching, the minds and hearts engaged means much more to me. 
And to close, breakfast was toast and butter, I've drunk a lot of water, lunch was lentils, an egg (16p- I'm down to £1.04) and red cabbage. I usually cook this with onion raisins and apple and vinegar, so thought I'd try onion and water. It's not great. Having a store cupboard is a real blessing far too easy to take for granted. Tonight I attempted a pasta sauce from tinned toms onions and garlic (herbs and cheese would have helped!)
and that will probably be lunch tomorrow too, and if I can stretch the sauce a third meal too(as you can see I have not laid it on heavily!) I am craving chocolate and kale. But Friday isn't far of for me. It is for many others. 


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