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Kedoshim - Holiness and the Holocaust?

 After about 3 hours sleep caused by being bumped off a flight, I had to write a sermon for a double B'nei Mitzvah... it could only be about the amazing and dark journey of the last week on March of the Living:  At Bo and Herbie’s B’nei Mitzvah rehearsal, their dad, Jason, shared a remarkable fact with me. His grandmother grew up opposite a park where each Sunday a man would come and stand on a soap box to preach his rather mad ideas. His audience was small to begin with but grew over time. In fact it grew well beyond the park from where Bo and Herbie’s great grandma could hear him shouting. It grew to encompass the Third Reich. That man was Adolf Hitler. It wouldn’t normally be my go to topic for a joyous occasion such as a double B’nei Mitzvah, but connecting to this part of your family history Bo and Herbie, has taken up my last week. I have just returned, as many in the congregation will know, from a trip to Poland known as the March of the Living. Much of it had nothing to d

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