Dayenu- the most well known song of the Seder. It means ‘it would have been enough for us’. This year we will all have to find our sense of enoughness. With fewer people around, with less food around, with more grief and fear and stress around, we can understand that enough is perhaps less than we usually think. Maybe we have had enough, but we must find the strength for more, more ways to help each other, more ways to relieve loneliness, more patience to tolerate those we are at home with, more ways to make do with what we have. Dayenu. It will be enough.
We have to go easy on ourselves and on our expectations. We may not be able to recreate grandmas macaroons, or sing the songs our great aunts destroyed with tuneless abandon. We may be marking our first ever Seder away from our community and the friends who would have helped us. But whatever we do manage, Dayenu, it will be enough. Perhaps over zoom we will find companionship, or perhaps in the unusual quietness we will create space for the ‘still small voice’. It will be a Passover like no other, but this too shall Pass, and we will have done enough.


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