Bal Tashchit experiment getting out into the world... Cartoon Kippah Pod Cast

Hi all, this week is a busy one... not only Radio 2, but perhaps even more excitingly, I've been featured on a podcast! And if you make it to the end you'll be rewarded with the lovely Gary on Oud!


  1. Very cool! I think you should start a Facebook group encouraging people to give it a try for themselves. I am trying to think of a catchy name for the experiment like the "pay it forward" phenomenon but I haven’t come up with anything yet. :)
    I’ve been thinking a lot about this over the past few months. When I suddenly found myself in a situation where I couldn’t freely buy the things that I would normally .I had to think more about the budget that I've got and be more careful about how I spend my money.
    It is truly shocking when I think about the money I've wasted in the past say 2 years on stuff I didn’t need or on buying things that I know are cheaper elsewhere for the sake of convenience.
    I now realise I can live quite comfortably without spending a fortune every month and get everything I NEED to live on rather than what I WANT to live on. It is kind of liberating.
    For example I know now that once I’m back to my usual monthly budget that I can live on maybe half of what my monthly shopping bill used to be. It just means a little bit of planning and maybe a bit more time shopping around. When we are not wasting money on things we don’t need it can be used for more ethical or moral things. Perhaps I can buy more fair trade goods in the supermarket or Support the local shop keepers by buying grocery’s there rather than getting everything at the super market .Maybe I can give the extra to charity, help my family and friends out or even just keep it in the bank for a rainy day. Either way I think if people truly realised how little we need to live on and still live a happy, fulfilled and joyful life then we would all be a lot more content :)And who knows maybe we will perform a few more mitzvahs along the way without even realising it.


    bit late- but its sharing, and tzedakah!


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