In Memory of Debbie Friedman

It is a sad irony that just a few days after writing about how much music has meant to my Judaism, Debbie Friedman has sadly passed away... she gave the community so many musical gifts, including our havdalah tune (which I once had the privilege of teaching to Rabbi Louis Jacobs z'l) and a very special mishebeirach healing prayer, which has bought comfort and spiritual healing to so many. May those who mourn for her be comforted by these very gifts she left us, and through which she will continue to give to, and live within, the community.


  1. it was so cool to come back to the uk after nearly 20 years in north america and find that nfty tunes had made it into progressive services here. I grew up with the vinyl records that my father z'l brought back from UAHC camps and listened to Klepper/Freelander and Debbie Friedman songs until the groove was worn almost all the way through. Am very sad.


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