Around the world in 80 chulents; Provencal!

Ploughing on through the winter, this second chulent recipe is one G and I essentially have made up over time based on other things we liked and what we had to hand! A word about these recipes first. Chulent is rarely an exact science. That can be frustrating for the novice, but as long as you have enough liquid, while it may be wetter than you'd like, at least it won't burn. If you're new to chulent cooking you'll just need a few weeks of experimenting and while it may not come out the perfect texture each time, in our experience it's always tasty!

This isn't really a French chulent, but is based on the flavours of a French stew.

Slice and fry at least one large onion (can be more) in a heavy bottomed iron casserole.
Brown 700g-1kg lamb pieces (lamb drummers work quite nicely as well).
If using marrow bones (delicious once slow cooked - the marrow drops out and is great on bread) brown these too.
Add veg of choice - whole baby carrotts and mushrooms work well.
cover with red wine and a bit of water to top it up. You can be very generous with the wine.
Add 2 bay leaves, a sprig of thyme, and a sprig of rosemary (tied together for easy removal).
We sometimes also add a handful or two of lentils vert.

The mixture can then either be placed in a slow cooker on low until lunch time, or put the casserole dish on a blech - on our electric hob we put it on 2 of 6.

Next week... a dumpling that goes rather well with this!!
Shabbat Shalom!


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