Strangers - Isaac and Ishmael

A friend shared this with me a couple of years ago and it never fails to strike me as powerful on a number of levels.
At the moment a few different pieces of my interfaith work are on the cusp of taking off, and whatever difficulties we face, it is always good to remember what positives as well as negatives can bring us together. In the series of Torah readings we are in the midst of at the moment we see the horrendous rift placed between the brothers Isaac and Ishmael. But we often miss a small detail right at the end of the story. In Genesis 25:9, Isaac and Ishmael are seen together once again, burying their father.
When things drive us apart, there is often the pain and exclusion to bring us back together again, and remember our similarities, but ultimately, the aim must be to have all feel comfortable with difference.


  1. Powerfull, great short movie!
    I'm running very late writing my conversion statement and just wanted to thank you for your words last saturday about laugh in judaism.Laugh is a serious issue for me and one of the key reasons in my conversion.


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