Around the world in 80 chulents - making ends meat

Some shabbatot, there just isn't the time during the week before to get to the kosher shops for meat, or the budget is a little too stretched, and the sensible thing is to explore the freezer and see if you can make what you have into a tasty shabbat lunch. Last shabbat was just such a week, and so G whipped up an incredibly tasty sausage chulent! Kosher Deli often sells sausages from the freezer for 99p a pack - a third of what they cost from the fridges, so G likes to call this one 'austerity chulent'. Whatever you call it - it's very tasty and really works!
As always there are lots of different ways of throwing this together - if you start by browning onions and meat, what you add beyond that is up to you - it could be beans, potatoes, veg, lentils, barley, or a combination! G went for 2 packets of sausages with a mix of potatoes, swede and turnips (left over from our organic box and needing using), with marrow bones, and cracked wheat. He covered it in wine and water, a couple of bay leaves, and there it was! Enough to feed 6, and leave left overs, and wonderfully warming for our snowy weekend.


  1. Sound really good although don't know what swede is but we will look it up. Agca and Andras


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