Healing music, Uplifting music

Sometimes life is overwhelming, and there is just too much going on. I often forget, in these times, how incredibly inspiring and healing I find music, and I surprise myself by rediscovering it. These pieces are by a classmate and friend, Stephen Rappaport from Paideia and 'People on the other side'  was an anthem for our class. It is also just one of the most powerful pieces of music I know, which speaks about relationships, the other, family, dialogue, even the Shoah... I have been saving it for a deep and meaningful post but today I just wanted to share it, and appreciate Stephen and his constant distant inspiration to me. But these songs also uplift and make me smile, and that is as important and meaningful. Please share below the music that lifts you up - no judgement :)

1. People on the Other Side
2. Slow time
3. I'm Blessed
4. Her Love is stronger than I am


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