Women again?

Second time this week, I know, but by co-incidence 2 things came my way yesterday which I thought were worth sharing. The first was posted on my facebook page, in response to the fact that I grew up with only women Rabbis and always joke that I didn't know men could be rabbis until I was a teenager. The author of this piece is a man, and seems to have had a similar experience - it's a lovely read as it inverses the stereotypes we expect in religious life.
Similarly this piece was tweeted to me and is a giggle - The top 10 reasons why men should not be ordained for minstry - it takes the usual arguments directed at women and turns them around. Of course they are silly, but so often this debate is!
How privileged I am (I hope) to have been hired for my skills and abilities, not because, or in spite of, my gender.


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