Blogging Ellul: Being part of something bigger

Last night I had the pleasure of joining the Movement for Reform Judaism annual dinner, celebrating the achievements of the last year, and beginning to look forward to new and exciting things next year. It was a useful reminder that while during Ellul we can become quite introspective, we must also look outwards, and see that we are part of something bigger. We work on ourselves, so that the whole might be more, but we also work to improve our relationship to and engagement with our community, however we define that. In improving our behaviour and relationships, we strengthen the various communities we are a part of, and our communities continually enable us to remain engaged in relationships with each other. Each community is also part of something bigger; the Movement, and the Movement is a part of Anglo Jewry, which is part of British life... we begin with ourselves, but we do not end with ourselves, and our personal improvement ripples out to improve the many layers of community we are a part of.

This is the 2011 Movement film:


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