Blogging Ellul: You decide

A few months ago I went to spend the evening enjoying my brother speaking on the occasion of his 10th anniversary of being drug and alcohol free. It was an incredible evening, and I was, and am, very very proud of him. He spoke warmly and openly, and actively seeks to help others find the healing he has. My brother reaches out to others suffering from addiction, and tries to help them see their problem, however he knows it is they who must see it. He could only get clean when he decided to make the change, and he makes that decision day after day as he goes through his new life. We all have these opportunities, to decide every single day how we are going to treat ourselves, our bodies, our world, and our relationships. Some days we do better than others, but during Ellul we take time to remind ourselves that we have the choice. Things don't have to stay as they are, and while we have to make the decision to change ourselves, there are so many people out there who can help work with us on that change.


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