Blogging Ellul: Making time

Today is a day of very poor time management for me. I've managed to fill my diary from 9am almost straight through to 10.30pm because I'm in one particular area and getting lots done while I'm up there. Saying 'no' is not something Rabbis do very well, and this rabbi in particular. I'm going to return to the theme of making time during Ellul, but for today I am reminded of the importance of making time for a relationship with myself and my family, not just making sure I'm always doing the best in relation to everyone else (which is also important). I know lots of friends and congregants who constantly struggle to get the work-life balance right, coming home late at night and not finding time for what they need. Surely we work better when we rest well, and today I need to learn from what I say and not what I do!


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