Day 1: Celebrating Chanukah in a Shmita year

This Chanukah I will be posting a reflection for each day that helps us consider the meanings of the festival of light alongside a year of rest, release, food equality, social justice and resource sharing.

Day 1:
The story of Chanukah that we have been raised on is of a miracle of oil, a miracle of light. This precious resource should have only lasted 1 day, but instead it lasted for 8. In this Shmita year we are asked to consider what it would look like if all had equal access to our food resources, to land, if we had no slaves, if we released debts, if we gave our environment the space and time it needs to produce effectively? At Chanukah this question might be refocussed - What would our world look like if we could make one days energy/resource/oil last for 8 days. In the midst of winter this may be a particularly challenging thought, but perhaps it is the true message of Chanukah, at least once every 7 years.  
Here are examples of people really living this:


  1. Great post! In the US we use only one half of the energy we generate. There is really a lot of room for improvement. Happy Hannukah!


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