Day 2: Re-energising yourself in Chanukah and in Shmita

The Shmita year has been an inspiration for Sabbatical working patterns - a year to rejuvenate and refresh and re-invest in a person so that they might be more productive (just as the land is more productive after a rest). At Chanukah we can take time to think not only about the energy of oil lamps, and how we make the most of what little energy we have, but where we can best invest our own energies, so that we might be revived and refreshed, even at this darkest time of year. What will inspire and light your internal fires, re-energising you to be alive in the world?

“The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire.” Ferdinand Foch, French Military Strategist 

"Your responsibility is to be dynamic, creative human beings, expressing pure, conscious awareness in whatever way makes your life begin to explode. It doesn't matter what your age, explosion is explosion. I have seen people in their seventies so full of exploding power and wonder that to see them psychically, they could be 25. And I have seen 25 year olds so imploded, they could be at the end of their lives. It has to do with deciding you want to enjoy life". Bartholomew, 'Reflections of an Elder Brother'


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