Day 8: Working towards next year

Chanukah brings light into the darkest time of the year. This year was a special Chanukah as it falls in the Shmita year, and calls us to bring light into the world in specific ways; by challenging food poverty, slavery, ecological destruction and energy waste. Could you make 1 days resource/ energy/ oil last for 8 days? Can you take time this year to bring greater equilibrium into your world, or into our world? Chanukah has become a time of giving and sharing, beautiful Shmita principles, but it can also be a time for re-imagining our the way we gift, and thinking about justice towards our resources, our environment, our economy. May the first year in our next cycle of 7 also help us work towards these goals, so that our next Shmita Chanukah causes us to ask different questions. 


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