Angry Mess

When I told my aunt on Sunday that I was making Eingemachtes she fell into rapturous memories of my great-grandmothers beetroot jam at Pesach. My mum made it a few times and I have such happy memories of it I wanted to have a bash! The recipe I found in my grandmothers cook book used ingredients I didn't have to hand, so I found this online from another blog and so far, we've been rather pleased!
A friend at work remembered his mum making it at Pesach too - and he said it always looked so awful on the stove they called it 'angry mess' instead! G, however, has decided it is the Ashkenazi version of Halek (date syrup mixed with walnuts and eaten as charoset by Iraqi Jews, and us!)

Either way, it's very sweet and very sticky and I can't eat too much at one sitting, but I'm rather pleased at my first ever attempt at jam! It reminds me of childhood Pesachim and it's one less pre-made product we'll be buying!


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