Making the Pyramids sweet and balls of cinnamon!

Coconut Pyramids were always the indicator to me that Pesach was coming. They were the only baking that never went wrong for my mum, (she has many skills, just baking isn't really one of them) and my sister and I would always have the messy task of moulding little pyramids before they were baked.
At university my co-chair of J-soc in the second year was a bit of a marketing man, so we created rather provocative posters of sexy men and women, the former saying 'come and taste my cinnamon balls' the latter 'come and lick my coconut pyramids'. We certainly got some campus attention, especially as we were a rather small society. We even earned ourselves a little notoriety when Christian Union officially voted they were offended by our campaign. We did actually bake and offer both on our stall, and it was a lot of fun!
My mum's cinnamon balls always went flat, but my mother in law is a genius baker and with her guidance I've finally managed to master that more complicated Pesach treat. Pyramids are so easy though that we even have our Jewish preparation students prepare them for our mock-seder, and they never fail, even when we can't figure out how to turn the ovens on!

Coconut Pyramids:
3 Eggs
200g dessicated coconut
100g caster sugar
Optional glace cherries/chocolate chips

Beat eggs and sugar until creamy
Add coconut
Dip hands in cold water to form cone like pyramids (these can be topped with a choc chip or a slice of cherry)
Bake on a greased tin in the middle of the oven at 190 degrees celcius until lightly browned (7 - 15 minutes).
Cool and serve -store in an airtight container and should last through Pesach

Cinnamon Balls:
170g ground Almonds
450 g castor sugar
1 tablespoon cinnamon
Whites of 3 eggs
Icing sugar

Beat eggs to a stiff froth
Add sugar, cinnamon, ground almonds, and fold in thoroughly
Roll into balls
Bake on greased and lined tin at 175 degreed celcius for 25-30 minutes
Roll in icing sugar and store in an air tight container.


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