Making it mine... and yours!

When I began my 3 months of no shopping, which ends next Monday, I started by learning a new skill that has delighted and distracted me; making beaded kippot! With thanks to the lovely DB, and a website as a guide (though she was by far the biggest piece of info and guidance) I was able to share this joy tonight with the lovely Rosh Chodesh crew at WLS.
Not all of them will wear them as kippot, some will be fascinators, or even coasters, but we took the time to study and understand head coverings in Judaism, before honouring our creativity and each making something uniquely beautiful. In this personal way they have chosen to engage with a ritual they may have been doing for years, just beginning to engage with, or have no intention of trying. That is an informed choice - when you engage with the subject regardless of your preconceptions, and try it to see. The results; kippah wearing or not, are not that important. The engaging with the question in an authentic Jewish way, and making the ritual personal are much more important to me. Not to mention the fun of getting together, sharing dinner, praying, and learning both text and creativity together. Only when these things are truly meaningful will they truly engage us, and only then do they have a future!
With thanks to DB for empowering me, and to all the WLS Rosh Chodesh group for giving it a bash!!

And if you'd like to buy a beaded kippah in aid of charity, I've gone a bit nuts over the last few months and would be delighted to spread the love so send me a private message!


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